Marguerite Kearns says that the ranks are thinning of those who participated in the early women’s rights or suffrage campaigns in the United States. Descendants have picked up on the slack by telling stories of their activist families, like her’s. “Passing the Torch” is an underlying GOAL of the book by Marguerite Kearns released by SUNY Press (State University of New York): An Unfinished Revolution: Edna Buckman Kearns and the Struggle for Women’s Rights. Check out the SUNY Press catalog with ordering information.


Edna Kearns was a suffrage activist whose nuclear and extended family became involved in the larger decentralized women’s rights movements in the US. She passed the torch to her two daughters, Serena and Wilma.

Wilma Kearns Culp passedthe torch to her daughter, Marguerite Kearns, who then in turn passed the torch to others in the next generation including her niece, Tara Bloyd.

LINKS TO HOW YOU MAY BE ALREADY PASSING THE SUFFRAGE TORCH started blogging in 2009, The public attention led to a popular interest in the suffrage campaign wagon as a symbol of the torch passing from one group of activists to later generations.

Suffrage Wagon New Channel has been publishing since 2009. Visit the web site for the book from SUNY Press:

AN EXAMPLE OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS PASSING TORCH highlights how the campaign for voting rights continues on when activists of one generation are passing the torch to the next.