No one likes the belt tightening underway in organizations and institutions across the nation. And the distribution of pink slips in offices at the New York State Museum is no exception. The museum’s employees held their collective breath in 2010 when 12 staffers were laid off, and then again recently. There’s a breeze blowing through the museum these days when one considers that one third of its staff disappeared in just over a year due to layoffs, forced and voluntary retirements. In the past six months, the museum has closed its doors on Sundays, removed some exhibits and contracted its cafeteria out for cultural events. Some observers are wondering if the state museum will be able to carry out its legislative mandates.

How will this impact my grandmother’s suffrage campaign wagon that sits stored in a museum warehouse in the Albany area? No one knows at this point. With the 100th anniversary of women voting in NYS coming up in 2017, there are many reasons why New York should be planning an enormous celebration –one that will highlight the extraordinary accomplishment of New York women that was a tipping point in the national campaign.

All the more reason for us to continue gathering support for museum officials and those in the state’s executive chambers charged with budgetary matters to take the necessary steps to get the suffrage wagon out of the warehouse and on permanent exhibit. Your ideas and support will be deeply appreciated.

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  • Robert R.

    Bah, humbug. When then big budget cutters in the sky take their ax to programs, museums don’t stand a chance. We need quality exhibits to remind ourselves of the history of our great state!

  • Tara

    So sad to read about the cutbacks and layoffs. I’d love to visit the wagon in a place of pride at the museum; I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be such an opportunity!

  • Melanie R.

    I agree, Mildred. Do you wanna car pool?

  • Mildred Kramer

    If and when this wagon goes on exhibit, let me know.

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