An important phase of the NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM is scheduled for an announcement this fall, 2023.

The 1913 suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Buckman Kearns and others will be part of a multi-phase process. The shift and redesign of the state museum is expected to take 18 to 22 months. No information is yet available about when the suffrage campaign will be on permanent exhibition as part of the renovation. A design firm has been working with the state museum and their completion dates are not clear at this time.

State workers are preparing for this major renovation that links 11 galleries, living New Yorkers, and much more. Museum director Mark Shaming speaks about the process on The Capitol Pressroom  that was prepared and published in April 2023.

And don’t forget the long history of winning the respect and recognition of the many activists involved in the struggle to date.

Here’s one example:

US women have been working for 100 years on a constitutional guarantee of gender equality. Suffrage activist Alice Paul devoted her life to an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. Many others are carrying on the work.

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