This is a reminder about the Kickstarter campaign for the suffrage documentary ends Friday afternoon, June 3rd. And this posting has some interesting web pages to look at after you’ve visited the Kickstarter site.

The suffrage movement was coming into its own at the time of film and moving pictures. Here’s a link to a suffrage video gallery. Enjoy!

If you aren’t aware of the Susan B. Anthony handbag, this article from the New  York Times will bring you up to date. And if you’ve ever wondered about suffrage collectables, Legacy America lays out what’s available and what it costs.

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  • Melanie R.

    A Susan B. Anthony handbag. Well, I’ll be. I bet that she was always looking inside it and pinching pennies, not unlike women today.

  • Mildred Kramer

    I like the mix of this blog. The personal stories of Grandmother. The news from around the United States. The ups and downs of getting the word out. The precious nuggets of 60-second history lessons.

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