It isn’t often that governors cite the suffrage movement and votes for women in their State of the State addresses. Yet NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo did exactly this in 2012. For example, a quote from his address in Albany, NY:

“We declared independence from Britain before they (colonists) signed the Declaration of Independence. We birthed the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The Workers Rights Movement. The Environmental Movement. All were born in this state. In this Capitol. By this government.” See article.

This 1917 article spells out the importance of remembering the specifics of a movement that involved tens of thousands of individuals on the grassroots.

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  • Aviva Salazar

    Smart guy, this governor. He knows about people who are interested in travel with a soul. And this means I’ll go to New York or wherever there’s a cool program or exhibit about the suffrage movement. I don’t mean another exhibit where we hear the same old thing. I’m talking about the heart and the guts of the movement. Stories. Real stories, thank you.

  • Tomas B.

    Women are a large voting block. You wouldn’t know this by all the nasty swipes that are made when women step into the political arena to run for election.

  • Bertha Tyler

    About time.

  • Georgia Pinnea

    Very interesting. The pols are finally catching on.

  • Just loved the 1917 article…what a feast for a suffrage buff.

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