If we’re counting on state bureaucracies, things always take longer than we think. The process of putting the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon on exhibition always takes longer than anticipated.And the same is true of an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. There is a 300+ coalition of organizations working on it now. How long have women had this on their “to do” lists? In 2023, it is now over 100 years.


While those at the top of the social and economic system are serious about their war games, we girls insist on social change the nonviolent way. The year 2023 came and went as the anniversary centennial came and went. What? Yes, and the war boys continue with their insistence that only war is responsible for social change.

It isn’t. We know this. That’s why we didn’t retire SuffrageCentennials.com that has been publishing since 2013. The patriarchy has been running the show, and more citizens see this and notice. That’s why there are more protests than ever that carry the message…NOT IN MY NAME.

Join the ERA Coalition. The struggle continues! We’re watching. Over 110 years women have been spreading the phrase: How much longer will women wait?

SuffrageWagon.org has been publishing since 2009. Our sister web site, SuffrageCentennials.com has been publishing since 2013.