It’s all in the telling, and the suffragists are believed to have written their own version of the tale. In March of 1913. U.S. President-elect Woodrow Wilson arrived at the train station in Washington, DC all geared up for his inauguration ceremony. He expected  to be the center of attention, but he wasn’t. “Where are the people?” he is alleged to have asked. The response: “On the Avenue watching the suffragists parade.”

Doris Stevens in her book, “Jailed for Freedom,” tells the story as fact. Here’s her story about the parade in a two-minute clip. The reading is brought to us by Librivox.

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  • There’s a ton of background about the 1913 D.C. suffrage parade in the recent biography about Alice Paul, entitled “A Woman’s Crusade”.

  • Emily Belmont

    You better believe everyone in Washington was in shock. Not only the women parading. But also the people who turned out for the parade. They were into stirring up trouble.

  • Thanks for the link to the audio — it’s fascinating!

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