“Women Rising” by Susie Gardner

A happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous world needs the best of both male and female energies, in balance, in collaboration.

This requires individual men and women to hold this balance within themselves. Typically, men are gifted with stronger male attributes, supported by the feminine. Women are gifted with stronger female attributes, supported by the masculine.

Our world today is way out of balance. We see it everywhere –in bodies, in families, in bank statements, in governments, in institutions.

This planet, this existence, is crying out for our highest feminine power to be more in evidence, more influential, at every level. Listening, reaching out, understanding, acceptance, contemplation, finding common ground, intuition, creativity, linking, cherishing, making beautiful, nourishing, encouraging, following the heart rather than existing knowledge and structure. These are all treasures of the feminine principle.

Women today can make a huge contribution to the world by going deep within themselves and calling forth their own unique expression of this power. This both strengthens their masculine aspects (action, leadership, standing firm when meeting internal and external opposition), and assists men in developing their feminine sensibilities.

We will all benefit from “women rising,” taking their rightful, essential place in this grand cooperation we call life.

In doing so we also honor the deep courageous lineage of visionary men and women who, throughout history, have sough to harmonize male and female energies –in themselves and in society.

Now is the time for the best of both to flower in all of us.

Rise up women. You may be amazed at who you can be, and what fun can be had by embracing the full range of who you truly are. Enjoy!

Susie Gardner is newly arrived in Santa Fe, NM from the UK to write a book about the rise of the feminine principle, as told through a fairy tale, for adults as much as children. Susie writes, sings, plays the gong, and focuses on the prospect of heaven come to earth and living the reality of it to the best of her ability.

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  • bella

    It’s absolutely necessary for women to provide balance in our world. Much like having people of contrasting religious, political, and socio-economic backgrounds… a well-rounded representation is a good one in my book!

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