“Spirit of 1776” wagon

Marguerite Kearns September 7, 2018

Long Island women’s suffrage activists featured in an exhibit! on Vimeo. Long Island (NY)’s Suffolk County Historical Society (300 West Main Street, Riverhead, NY) has moved the exhibit of Long Island votes for women activists to a more permanent exhibit location at the Society’s headquarters in Riverhead, NY. Edna Kearns is among the suffragists included in […]

Marguerite Kearns August 24, 2018

Women’s Marches & Parades: “The Song of the Women” on Vimeo. This video has been a favorite of the hundreds of short informational and promotional videos produced by Suffrage Wagon News Channel. Antonia Petrash has been using this video, “The Song of the Women,” to accompany her Long Island suffragist presentations for the past few years. […]

Marguerite Kearns August 15, 2018

Elizabeth Crawford, who posts on “Woman and her Sphere,” presents the Hodgson sisters and their suffrage souvenirs. Her new catalog (No. 198) includes the memorabilia collected by the Hodgson family of the suffrage movement in England. Notes Crawford in her July 30, 2018 post: “As with the Stevenson Sisters, about whom I wrote about last […]