California celebrates its suffrage centennial celebration in 2011. Oregon is realizing the potential of its 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage by beginning the observance early. A presentation by former governor Barbara Roberts before the City Club of Portland demonstrates this point. Her speech to the group is worth listening to. Roberts told the audience: “History is meant, not to sit on a shelf, but to devour and think about and talk about and share.” She called the suffrage movement something “. . . that’s little told and is highly under appreciated” and how this “is about to change.” Roberts’ perspective is shared by many: “We’re bringing our place in history out of the shadows” and she’s reminded of Susan B. Anthony’s charge: “Never another season of silence.”

Oregon, Kansas and Arizona celebrate their 100th suffrage anniversaries in 2012. The state of Washington had its 100th suffrage anniversary last year. Colorado, Utah, and Idaho have already acknowledged their 100th year of women voting.

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  • Robert R.

    How is New York going to compare with the celebrations in California and Oregon? Keep me posted.

  • Monique Robinson

    How can someone like me get involved?

  • Melanie R.

    Am checking back in after a time away. It seems as if years have passed when it has only been a few months. Being connected to the suffrage wagon news and views keeps me centered as to what is important. Keep up the good work!

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