• About the Author

When Meneese Wall’s daughter asked why her American History classes were all about men, Meneese decided she had to help write women back into our sphere of historical influence. She believes curiosity and aesthetics matter. Understanding history helps inform our present and our future while beauty, in its many forms, makes our journey all the more enjoyable. Writing and illustrating We Demand The Right To Vote is Meneese’s contribution to each American’s history education, with the hope it will inspire a more inclusive society through knowledge of how, in part, we arrived at today’s societal norms.

  • Book Summary– Ever wonder what our foremothers were doing while our forefathers were making recorded history? And what did these women do to claim their social and political power to change their circumstances?

We Demand the Right to Vote: The Journey to the 19th Amendment introduces readers to American women’s civil rights movement known as “Women’s Suffrage”—women’s 72-year struggle for social and political equality that culminated in their winning the right to vote via the 19th Amendment. With that right well in hand, women could change their worlds.

Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style, this illustrated historical account commences with Native American cultural influences and continues with women’s conventions, arrests, trials, petitions, battles won, and those lost to reveal society’s slow acceptance of women’s involvement outside of their socially prescribed realm. Throughout the book’s journey, enchanting artwork—inspired by historical events, people, quotes, and memorabilia—visually illustrates the various pivotal moments chronicled in each chapter.

We Demand the Right to Vote is an overview from the national perspective of this defining period in women’s history which is not taught in schools. Both a history book and an art book, We Demand The Right To Vote is ideal for audiences of all ages—an enjoyable, beautiful, and rousing read worth further exploration.

  • What Makes This Book Unique

– Most books about the American Women’s Civil Rights Movement—known as Women’s Suffrage—focus on a particular person or timeframe within women’s 72-year struggle for enfranchisement—1848 to 1920. We Demand The Right To Vote, however, is an overview from the national perspective of this entire pivotal period in American history. Through writing that quickly informs and illustrations that bring history alive, readers learn the sequence of events that led to women winning their right to vote via the passage of the 19th Amendment.

– As an overview of this pivotal time in history, We Demand The Right To Vote empowers readers with the big picture about women’s journey to the 19th Amendment, thereby allowing them to better choose the areas of this history in which they wish to delve deeper, through other books that focus on more singular aspects of women’s history.

– We Demand is terrific for readers whose aim is to achieve an overall understanding of women’s civil rights movement without having to read numerous books to boast the same knowledge.

– We Demand is the only short illustrated all-ages history book about women’s 72-year struggle to win enfranchisement offered for this 2020 centennial.

– We Demand begins with the influence of Native American women, where other books in this space do not include this cultural impact.

– We Demand The Right To Vote is both a history book and an art book.

  • Book Information

Title – We Demand The Right To Vote: The Journey to the 19th Amendment

Author & Illustrator – Meneese Wall

Publisher – Paxton Press

Release Date – August 1, 2020

ISBN – 978-1-7349010-0-9

Format – 8×10 Paperback

Retail Price – $21.95

Author Bio – Meneese Wall is a writer and graphic artist. Her work is inspired by the public, private, and often secret lives of real people. She lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Author/Writer/Graphic Artist