I first came across suffragewagon.org while doing some personal research into the suffrage movement, following the media coverage on the One Billion Rising. I was inspired by the turn out and simply had to find out more information, and following several Google searches, I landed on this wonderful, informative site!

The countless videos available directly on the website itself and in addition to the Suffrage Wagon News Channel makes one feel spoilt for choice when deciding which video to watch first. I particularly enjoyed watching the video titled “Find out what it was like at the 2013 centennial suffrage parade.” I found the accompanying song, “The New America” with the old footage of the parade to be most moving. It is evident from watching a handful of these videos, a great deal of time and thought had been dedicated to each video. Having such videos available really does illustrate the suffrage movement, being able to see the throngs of people, in particular the many brave women marching along and fighting for voting rights.

When browsing through Suffragewagon.org you are presented with so many wonderful photographs, each showing the reader an insight in to how positive and strong these women were despite the opposition they faced. I found myself being transported back in time to 100 years ago, when reading the original newspaper clippings. I felt humbled and was left with a huge appreciation of  this “bunch” of what most thought were ordinary women parading for their rights when in fact behind the scenes, there was a very well-oiled machine, organised, planned and determined.

From all the posts I’ve read, videos I’ve seen and all the photographs made available on Suffragewagon.org, the Suffrage Wagon News Channel and their blog, I see this as my one place to further my research in to this fascinating subject. The quality of information, images and videos is by far the best quality I have encountered and I would recommend any one else interested in this part of women’s history and the upcoming suffrage centennials to use this site as a good place of reference.

Mary Swift-Jenkins


“Suffrage Wagon News Channel is a terrific testimony to women’s achievements over 200 years and a guide light for the future about making sure women’s voices are heard across the globe and that they vote. This online source provides updated news and stories about the women’s suffrage movement. Full of stories, history, struggles and triumphs. This superb site bridges history and the present and paves the way for the future. Founder, writer and editor Marguerite Kearns has suffrage in her DNA. As the granddaughter of suffragist Edna Buckman Kearns, she designed this site to honor strong women leaders throughout time, surrounding the women’s vote. Suffrage Wagon is the authoritative site on women’s suffrage. Join the movement today. Participate, learn, enjoy, celebrate great women leaders and get active.”

Mary Ford, Hewlett, New York

Jamindian sings a Grandmother Edna poem by Amanda Goldman-Petri.

“I believe that if young women today would become aware of this remarkable movement in the history of this country, they would stand taller and breathe easier as they find their way as women in our world.”    Salena Levi


Feedback about the DVD “Five Generations and the Million Dollar Wagon” work in progress:

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of viewing your beta-version video presentation detailing the life of your grandmother, Edna May Buckman, and her “Spirit of 1776″ Suffrage Campaign Wagon.

I have to tell you that I am completely, totally, 100% in awe of what you have accomplished here. I mean that completely sincerely. This is an incredible accomplishment, and you have every reason to be proud of it, as well as incredibly proud of your grandmother Edna. I have to say I learned a lot of things I did not know before about the women’s suffrage movement, and so it was both a personal account but also very informative and interesting throughout.

I am amazed how you were able to gather all those photos and other materials and how your grandmother was able to retain so much. Your photography and reproduction of the materials also were quite well done, as were the fades.

I especially enjoyed the part with the musical accompaniment which explained a huge amount just through the lyrics, combined with the visuals. I also liked the part at the end about the new generation, which tied the past to the present and future.

This must have been quite a feat, and I strongly hope that you will obtain the means and resources needed to bring this to a finished, fully polished final version suitable for wider release. There is a lot there that most people — men and women alike — have no idea about, and given the elevated level of political discussion and debate in the country these days it is particularly timely to get this story out to as many people as possible. Bravo!

Frank Yacenda, January 17, 2011