The women’s suffrage movement was diverse. It included compromises. No one ever claimed it was perfect. It was NOT unilateral. Viewing the movement to win recognition in the larger mainstream culture is the goal of a podcast series underway by the NYC Department of Records & Information Services. I’m in support because I grew up in a  world where even the family members of those involved didn’t realize the full implications of what had happened from 1848 through 1920.

We are still carrying on the work, and our attempts to keep the issues alive are also part of the story.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel has been publishing regularly since 2009. It is a volunteer-driven engagement. Many like me were determined that the movement was diverse, within the context of a very different generation, and it reflected context of a different era. Meanwhile, the world has reacted and responded. The ongoing discussion is part of this effort.

SWNC has been publishing since 2009.