Check out the part of the film here where Inez Milholland (the suffrage activist who died so that we can vote today) is highlighted.

“Iron Jawed Angels” is primarily about Alice Paul and only briefly highlights Inez Milholland. Nonetheless, the film grows in value with the passage of time. And Inez’s story is emerging in other places. A new book, recently published, includes Inez in a work called “Secret Heroes: Everyday Americans Who Shaped Our World.” It’s about time. The facts are clear about Inez, but what’s even more compelling is the segment devoted to Inez in “Iron Jawed Angels.”

I can’t view this clip from the HBO film enough (you can watch the entire film online). It features Inez on a horse leading the parade in Washington, DC at the time of President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration. Inez was part of the New York suffrage delegation.  I’ve found articles such as this one showing Grandmother Edna traveling on the train to various suffrage conferences with Inez and other hard-core suffrage activists. The New Yorkers were “there” for the movement.

For curriculum materials relative to the use of “Iron Jawed Angels” in the classroom, check out “Teach with Movies.”

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