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The U.S. looks to the rest of the world!

What is the Big Picture? The rest of the world has examples of women serving in high government positions.               Marguerite Kearns is host at the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. Visit our Vimeo channel for videos and special announcements. Follow  SuffrageCentennials.com for news and views about upcoming suffrage centennials.   

Episode #9: Why Mary Wollstonecraft caused so much static on Suffrage Storytelling!

Episode #9 of “Spirit of 1776″ Suffrage Storytelling.” Mary Wollstonecraft on Vimeo. Many people haven’t heard of Mary Wollstonecraft today. She wrote about women’s rights in the late 1700s. And even by 1900, Mary was still considered a hot property because of the controversy she stirred up. Mary not only found fault with men who put…