“Spirit of 1776” wagon is symbol of patriotic protest! on Vimeo.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel is part of the effort to make August 26th a national holiday. 

Some other examples of our advocacy:

(1.) Our initiative to support the New York State Museum in putting the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon on permanent exhibit. Press release. Article that appeared in Newsday (Long Island), June 2015.

(2.) The outreach associated with the opening of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe with programs spread over a four-day period and programs monthly throughout 2015.

We’re persistent in our goal of inspiring, motivating, educating, and entertaining audiences about how we stand on strong shoulders. The “Spirit of 1776” award-winning music video inspires and informs the “Spirit of 1776” campaign. 

Media kit for the four-day festival celebrating the opening of Suffrage Wagon Cafe.



(1.) Leaflets: Nellie Bly Leaflet; Anti-Suffrage Movement Leaflet; Dr. Helen Pankurst’s Message;

(2.) Our Quarterly Newsletter: Winter/Spring 2015. Sent to subscribers. Announcing the opening of Suffrage Wagon Cafe and the exhibit of the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon in 2017, New York State’s suffrage centennial.

(3.) Audio: Reading selections from “10 Days in a Madhouse”; “In Her Sphere” sung by Elizabeth Johnson; “The March of the Women” sung by Elizabeth Johnson; “Spirit of 1776: A new suffragette anthem,” sung by Eighty Bug and the Suffragist Sisters.

(4.) Social Media: Twitter and Facebook.

(5.) Pre-Event Promotion Materials: Blog postings: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7

(6.) Press Releases: “Spirit of 1776 Music Video Celebrates Women’s History Month”; “Reporter Nellie Bly Goes Undercover in New Film, ’10 Days in a Madhouse”; “A Message for American Women Voters from Dr. Helen Pankhurst“;

(7.) SWAN Day Promotion Materials: The Suffrage Wagon Cafe opened on March 28, 2015, SWAN Day, an international observance. The opening was linked on the SWAN Day official web site.

(8.) Video Channel: Vimeo.

(9.) Women’s History Month: The “Spirit of 1776” campaign was featured during March, a thirty-day period that is devoted to women’s history and when considerable attention is showered on this part of American history.

(10.) By celebrating the birthdays and important events of others who work in this same area, such as the 35th birthday of the National Women’s History Project and the 30th anniversary of the Alice Paul Institute.

Marguerite Kearns’ welcome message for Suffrage Wagon Cafe opening! on Vimeo.


Update on the Spirit of 1776 music video: The music video about the suffrage wagon and the “Spirit of 1776” is an award-winning musical production. Stay tuned for updates.

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