If you think those advocating the repeal of the 19th amendment is a joke, then just do an internet search on “19th amendment repeal” and get ready for your mouth to drop at just how much there is on the subject. It makes one wonder if these are the male grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who resisted and opposed the 19th amendment in its time. Actually though, many of these messages appear to have associated political agendas. This is also true for a series of videos featuring college guys circulating petitions calling for the end of women’s suffrage, encouraging college women to sign them, and then announcing the joke. These videos speak affirmatively for better instruction at all levels of education.

A few web sites lay out exactly the reason for repeal of the 19th amendment arguments. Women don’t always vote the way some politicians would like them to. So the solution? Take away women’s voting rights. Some might call this “last gasp” of archaic thinking. Others might come up with other explanations. Whatever the political motivations, it’s a wake up call for women to remember that rights hard won can also be taken away. And there are those lining up in the wings to do exactly this.