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If you’re planning afternoon tea and choosing an occasion worthy of friends and family arriving for the occasion, Joan of Arc’s birthday is perfect –especially if your activism project is in need of a resource of strength and resolve.

Joan of Arc was important to the suffrage movement, here and in England, and possibly other places in the world. Just type in “suffrage movement” and “Joan of Arc” and you’ll see what I mean. Inez Milholland was a familiar figure in suffrage parades (left) on her horse leading the parade. It was, in part drama and beauty, and part symbolism to evoke strength and courage from the parade participants. For some, her image brought purity to mind.

Check out the part of “Iron Jawed Angels,” the HBO film about the suffrage movement where Joan of Arc is evoked through a portrayed of Inez Milholland (the American suffrage martyr).

“Iron Jawed Angels” is primarily about Alice Paul and only briefly highlights Inez Milholland. Nonetheless, the film grows in value with the passage of time. It features Inez on a horse leading the parade in Washington, DC at the time of President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration.

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For curriculum materials relative to the use of “Iron Jawed Angels” in the classroom, check out “Teach with Movies.”

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