Breakfast is an important rite of passage for me. 

I made a big serving of hummus this morning for breakfast with pita bread and hot tea. I looked over the refrigerator contents and the cans of organic chickpeas screamed at me from the kitchen shelf. Have us for breakfast…they said. I took down my blender and cranked up the hot water for tea.

Cleaning up after myself is the most difficult part of eyeballing the ingredients to make hummus for breakfast.  The blender isn’t the easiest to clean, but it a necessary part of the process—

Chickpeas, cooked. Tahini. Olive oil. Lemon. A dash of hot sauce. A whiff of garlic. Sake vinegar. Soy sauce. Whatever.

This goes down easy, but that’s not true with accepting that the US Congress is so divided that it’s unlikely to get much passed from now to the 2024 presidential election.

So I need vitamins, hummus, and plenty of caffein.

Who cares if women have been working for 100 years with the goal of an equal rights. amendment to the US Constitution!  We care, and our job is to keep the issue alive.

Keep an eye. on the prize. This year, 2023, US women will have been working 100 years to add an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. 


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