We’ve been persistent and insistent that women be recognized for their volunteer efforts over the years. And Marguerite Kearns has done the same. She not only published a book about the branch of the family honoring women’s rights, but she also has been working to expand the ERA constituency with important allies.

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Curl up with your family and friends to gather support for an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. Wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Our sister web site, SuffrageCentennials.com,  joins with many other allies in making this year memorable. During 2023 we are busy in this 100th year of US women working on adding an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. We have the support now. Let’s get an ERA passed during 2023.  

Musings about what is happening on Planet Earth. The people of Syria and Turkey are paying a high price for  what  is  happening right now. They didn’t deserve this! Bless you. I am thinking of how it should have been critical to have a place to live where you would have been safe.