Rap and Roll about August 26th. Women’s Equality Day. Rap by T. Fowler.

The U.S. Congress resolution declaring August 26th as Women’s Equality Day. Reading by Amelia Bowen.

Reading of the Declaration of Sentiments at Seneca Falls by Amelia Bowen. Listen to the strong words of 1848 that have held their power for the last 165 years.

AUDIO of readings of newspaper accounts of the presentation of the “Spirit of 1776” campaign wagon to the New York State Woman Suffrage Association in July of 1913. This is when Edna Buckman Kearns left with her daughter Serena and suffrage activist Irene Davison for a month of campaigning on Long Island for the vote.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel Audio Highlights: May 2013.

Selections from performer Gerri Gribi:

— Suffrage Satiric Song

— Why has the story of the 19th amendment been lost?

— The Story Behind the Song “Whole People”

— Entire Interview with Gerri Gribi 

Theme song for Votes for Women Salon: Song by Gerri Gribi, with permission.


Archive of audio podcasts with Teri Gay, Louise Bernikow, Antonia Petrash, and Gerri Gribi.


Why the NYS suffrage movement was important (48 seconds). More education about the suffrage movement is necessary (40 seconds). Growing up in upstate NY and loving  the stories of local suffrage history (6.5 min.). What it has been like to experience the growing interest in the suffrage movement (7.5 minutes). What a 100th anniversary celebration of woman’s suffrage could look like in New York State ( 2.2 minutes). What the suffrage movement can teach us today (6.4 minutes). Playing catch up with our history in these times (4.5 minutes). The contradictions of the suffrage movement  (7 minutes). How to buy Teri P. Gay’s book. For more information.


Why the New York State suffrage victory in 1917 was pivotal for the nation (4:06 minutes): Awareness of suffrage at low ebb (2:20 minutes), Followed by revival of interest (1:05 minutes); myths about suffrage movement (3:30 minutes);  Interest in the grassroots layer of suffrage history (3 minutes); what Louise learned in school about this  important time in our past (55 seconds); how Louise became so interested in the suffrage movement (3:15 minutes) and what happened back when women’s studies programs started (3:15 minutes); suffrage leadership overview (2:45 min.)  louisebernikow.com


Antonia’s upcoming book about Long Island suffrage movement (45 seconds). Highlights of book about Long Island suffragists (32 seconds). Edna Kearns’ contribution to suffrage movement on Long Island ( 44 seconds). The importance of New York’s suffrage movement (35 seconds). Why the suffrage movement story has been buried (39 seconds). The influential role of Long Island (NY) women (40 seconds). Celebrating the New York State suffrage centennial (42 seconds).  How Antonia became interested in the subjects of equal rights and suffrage (59 seconds). Two books Antonia wrote previously about extraordinary women in New York and Connecticut (56 seconds). Why the suffrage movement is inspiring. (60 seconds ). Antonia Petrash’s book on the Long Island suffrage movement is expected to be published in 2013 by  The History Press.


Doris Stevens and “Jailed for Freedom”
Audio here is free or buy the book!  Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6