It’s too much of a good story to keep it under wraps. Yes, the real story of Edna and Wilmer is a work in progress. Plenty of people have been waiting for it, and for good reason. Stand Up for Freedom is a tribute to the tens of thousands of grassroots suffrage activists (and the men who loved them) that it took for women to achieve the franchise in the United States. The movement relied on activists like the individuals in this story in order to win ratification of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution in 1920. Americans are now paying attention to these stories of courageous individuals, on whose strong shoulders we stand as voters and citizens. New York State’s suffrage centennial is set for 2017. Interest in this topic is expected to peak in 2020 with national suffrage centennial celebrations. The writing of this tale is a work in progress. More information and selections will be posted on the Suffrage Wagon blog.

Stand Up for Freedom