Suffrage Storytelling

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Episode #1. Bess gets in trouble.

Episode #2. Now Bess is in even more trouble.

Episode #3. Wilmer Kearns enters the story.

Episode #4: Mary Wollstonecraft’s books get Bess in more hot water.

Episode #5: Bess and Edna argue about decisions they must make.

Episode #6: Wilmer Kearns doesn’t stand a chance with Edna because she has been influenced by her friend Bess. But perhaps Edna can be won over with Wilmer’s storytelling.

Episode #7: Edna loves Wilmer’s stories. He’s excited. But he’s in for a big surprise in the next episode.

Episode #8: There’s good and bad news for Wilmer Kearns.

Episode #9: Why Mary Wollstonecraft has caused so many waves. 

Episode #10: Bess cautions Edna about the downside of getting married. 

There’s text by Marguerite Kearns that accompanies the video, included in every episode link.

Suffrage Storytelling


VIDEO: Fun building on women’s history, past hard work and accomplishments! on Vimeo.

Welcome to “Spirit of 1776” suffrage storytelling with Marguerite Kearns on Vimeo.


PROGRAM: Ten episodes.

OVERVIEW: One hundred years ago women and men experimented with equal partnership in their relationships, just like today. The “Spirit of 1776” suffrage storytelling is inspired by the love story of Edna Buckman and Wilmer Kearns and their involvement as activists in the woman’s suffrage movement. The story is told, in part, by Bess…Edna’s best friend. Wilmer and Edna met at an art exhibit and faced the resistance of Edna’s parents. Wilmer and Edna came from very different backgrounds. And when Edna and Wilmer met, she’d decided against marriage. Wilmer had to wear her down with love, a challenging proposition. Story by Marguerite Kearns.

Episode #10 of “Spirit of 1776” Suffrage Storytelling! on Vimeo.

Episode #9 of “Spirit of 1776″ Suffrage Storytelling.” Mary Wollstonecraft on Vimeo.

Episode #8: “Spirit of 1776” suffrage storytelling with Jonathan Geffner on Vimeo.

Episode #7: Wilmer Kearns courts Edna Buckman with his storytelling on Vimeo.

Episode #6: Wilmer Kearns tries to win over Edna with his storytelling on Vimeo.

Episode #5. Bess and Edna argue about marriage and other things on Vimeo.

Episode #4: How Bess got in trouble for reading Mary Wollstonecraft! on Vimeo.

Episode #3. Bess introduces Wilmer Kearns on “Suffrage Storytelling” on Vimeo.

Episode #2 of “Suffrage Storytelling” reveals the lives of young women in 1903 on Vimeo.

Episode #1: Suffrage Storytelling features tale about how Bess got in trouble with her parents! on Vimeo.


“Spirit of 1776” suffrage storytelling raises questions! on Vimeo.

“Spirit of 1776” American history storytelling on Vimeo.

Being an Independent Woman in 1903 wasn’t easy! Find out more on “Suffrage Storytelling” on Vimeo.

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