Marguerite Kearns July 2, 2018

In 2013 the State of New York honored the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Kearns, Serena Kearns, and Irene Davison in grassroots organizing on Long Island.

Marguerite Kearns June 29, 2018

            Dr. Helen Pankhurst is the granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst whose book, Deeds Not Words: The Story of Women’s Rights, Then and Now was released this year, the suffrage centennial observance of women in Great Britain receiving the partial right to vote. Full suffrage was approved in 1928. There are […]

Marguerite Kearns June 25, 2018

 Suffrage Wagon News Channel for news & views of the women’s suffrage movement on Vimeo. This video is a reminder of the hard work and determination associated with American women winning the right to vote. NEWS FROM THE FIRST WAVE OF THE WOMEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT— The UK is in the midst of its suffrage centennial […]

Marguerite Kearns June 22, 2018

VIDEO: One of our more requested videos— “Choose it or lose it” about women winning the vote. There is plenty of commentary circulating on how and why the first woman nominee for the U.S. President, from one of the two major political parties, lost in 2016. We’re putting voting rights in a historical perspective. Follow […]

Marguerite Kearns June 18, 2018

Edna Kearns raised money for the women’s suffrage movement and gave canning lessons to women who wanted to hear about how voting could lead to increased human rights. This struggle involved tens of thousands of women, many of whom who could agree on one thing—leaving the kitchen and participating in the broader society. They didn’t […]

Marguerite Kearns June 11, 2018

How do suffrage stories speak to us today? The “Spirit of 1776” reminds us of the long history of individuals and organizations reaching out toward change. They had no idea in the moment of the impact of what they were doing. What’s the message for today? Think outside the box. Even if you’re convinced your cause […]

Marguerite Kearns June 8, 2018

SPECIAL VIDEO FEATURE: Interview with songwriter and performer Eighty Bug about the “Spirit of 1776” song she wrote and produced about the suffrage wagon used by Edna Kearns in the New York State votes for women movement. The “Spirit of 1776” horse-drawn wagon was exhibited at the New York State Museum from 2017 to 2018 […]

Marguerite Kearns June 4, 2018

VIDEO about taking cooking classes! Greek Cooking at Suffrage Wagon Cooking School  on Vimeo. Take a vacation and appreciate the culinary arts without leaving town. Because we practice what we teach, a day with Chef Margo Taylor offering “Glorious Greek Cuisine” turned into a day out on the town with terrific food and fun cooking […]

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