Large crowd in Washington, DC today to take part in 1913 centennial suffrage parade

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Washington, DC newspaper from the archives of Edna B. Kearns. If you like this and other related articles, visit us at Suffrage Wagon News Channel. And subscribe. See other parade highlights: The 1913 Washington, DC suffrage parade from the archives of Edna Buckman Kearns. Link #1. Link #2. Link #3.1913ParadeNewsEDIT


  1. Things were very different for women just one hundred years ago and even though today a lot of things may have improved for us, there still remains much to be done to insure equality for our future generation. I don’t really think much about women’s right in other nations, because things get very complicated very quickly when you mix different cultures, economic standards, and education levels. I just think that we’ve come a long way in most Western nations and we should continue to work hard until true gender equality is achieved.

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