60-Second History Lesson

Marguerite Kearns August 1, 2018

Author Kenneth Florey has a long history with Suffrage Wagon News Channel. He has contributed columns and special images that have been important in the building of an understanding of the grassroots use of horse-drawn wagons and automobiles in organizing for votes for women. We’ve enjoyed reading his books from McFarland Press about suffrage movement […]

Marguerite Kearns June 1, 2018

VIDEO SPECIAL: Let’s not forget our mission. To unite the past, present, and future. And not to take the right to vote for granted. It is more than the right. Our grandmothers, great grandmothers, family members and ancestors intended for the system of elections to be fair, honest, and accessible. This video is dedicated to […]

Marguerite Kearns May 9, 2018

An article in “Huntington Now,” an online publication featuring the April 24, 2018 dedication ceremony of the historic marker funded by the Pomeroy Foundation. The marker featured the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon used by Edna Kearns and others, and it is located in the business district of the Huntington, New York community. See link.  […]

Marguerite Kearns April 6, 2018

 The why of Suffrage Wagon Cooking School on Vimeo. We started Suffrage Wagon Cooking School because of Edna Kearns who sponsored programs about cooking and canning as part of her voting rights activism. Suffrage Wagon News Channel is inspired by the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon that is on exhibit at the New York […]

Marguerite Kearns March 16, 2018

  Edna Kearns, as well as many New Yorkers, were acutely aware of the 1911 fire at the Triangle factory in New York City, a tragic fire that resulted in the deaths of more than 140 working women. Every year there is a commemoration, and this year it is on March 23, 2018. Workers United/SEIU […]

Marguerite Kearns February 27, 2018

Marguerite Kearns settles down to write memoir of family legends! on Vimeo. Get ready for March and Women’s History Month! HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS: MIREILLE MILLER is reaching out to high school teachers for a program “Women Leading the Way: Suffragists and Suffragettes.” suffragettes2020.com/about/about-mireille-miller “For me, my painting and the entire suffragette movement are part of a […]

Marguerite Kearns January 19, 2018

I met Sue Lean (shown here) at the opening of the “Votes for Women” exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY last November. We’d been in touch on the phone and by way of email. Sue stands out for her enthusiasm about suffrage centennials as well as the terrific vintage outfits she […]

Marguerite Kearns January 9, 2018

  The State of New York is planning to build two statues to honor suffragists Sojourner Truth and Rosalie Gardiner Jones. The statue of Sojourner Truth will be sited on the Empire State Trail in Ulster County, where she was born.  Truth was born into slavery circa 1797, sold three times, and ultimately escaped to freedom in 1826.  She went on to became a […]

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