Large crowd in Washington, DC today to take part in 1913 centennial suffrage parade

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Washington, DC newspaper from the archives of Edna B. Kearns. If you like this and other related articles, visit us at Suffrage Wagon News Channel. And subscribe. See other parade highlights: The 1913 Washington, DC suffrage parade from the archives of Edna Buckman Kearns. Link #1. Link #2. Link #3.1913ParadeNewsEDIT


  1. Things were very different for women just one hundred years ago and even though today a lot of things may have improved for us, there still remains much to be done to insure equality for our future generation. I don’t really think much about women’s right in other nations, because things get very complicated very quickly when you mix different cultures, economic standards, and education levels. I just think that we’ve come a long way in most Western nations and we should continue to work hard until true gender equality is achieved.

  2. Wow! I knew there was a lot of trouble with the women fighting for their rights to vote. When I read the paper cuttings above it makes me think the world as a whole hasn’t really moved on that much. I say this because of all the coverage we have seen on the news about Syria, Egypt, Turkey, the list is endless. I also have to think about what has been happening in India lately with the women who are still having to fight for more rights and respect (such as the recent reports of the raping of women there), and also in Pakistan, where the young girl, Malala was shot by the Taliban for wanting to go to school and encouraging girls to have the right to an education. All these things are happening now, in our century! When will it ever change? That is the million dollar question I guess.

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